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Call for Papers

Call for Paper Contributors

Domestic/foreign experts and scholars, teachers, graduate students of related departments, MOE Teaching Practice Research Program project teams

Call for Paper Topics

Innovation of University Courses

Teacher's Action Research of Innovative Teaching

Student's Involvement in Social Innovation

Building and Revitalizing Learning Spaces

New Educational Technology and Digital Learning

Research on University Affairs and University Accountability

International Comparative Education and the Publicization of Taiwan's Higher Education

Teaching Practice Research Program

S.T.E.A.M. Education Research

Research for Other Teaching Innovations

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Paper Format

  • Writing format: APA 6th Edition
  • Layout format: A4 paper
  • Layout settings: Microsoft Word default margins, 2.54 cm for top and bottom margins, 3.17 cm for right and left margins.
  • Chinese font: 新細明體,fullwidth punctuation and space.
  • English font: Times New Roman, half-width punctuation and space.
  • Paper Format
  • Note: we will not review manuscripts that fail to follow the format.


  • Submissions must have not been previously published or presented elsewhere. If the manuscript is approved, authors must sign a consent form to grant the organizer copyrights of the paper without compensation. If the paper violates any related rules, the corresponding author will be held responsible.
  • Consent Form
  • 投稿稿件請以MS-Word編輯,並以APA第六版(林天佑著)撰寫。

Paper Abstract - Oral Presentation

  • 標題頁:中英文標題、中英文作者、中英文服務單位(以一個單位為限,不需加註頭銜)、電子郵件、致謝詞(選填)、作者貢獻(選填)、利益聲明(選填)、作者介紹(三行為限)。
  • 中英文長摘要:標題及內文(研究目的、課程介紹/教學場域介紹、問題意識/研究問題、研究設計/方法、研究發現或結論、研究價值性、教學建議或實務意涵、關鍵字3-5個)。
  • 長摘要投稿分為以下兩種形式:
    (1)中文長摘要投稿:中文1500-2000 字,且需要有一頁的英文摘要。
  • Please see below for an example of abstract format.
  • Abstract Format

Full Paper - Oral Presentation

  • 標題頁:中英文標題、中英文作者、中英文服務單位(以一個單位為限,不需加註頭銜)、電子郵件、致謝詞(選填)、作者貢獻(選填)、利益聲明(選填)、作者介紹(三行為限)。
  • 論文主文:緒論、文獻探討、研究方法、討論、研究結果、參考文獻、附註(選填)。
  • 字數:中文以不超過15,000字(含圖表、參考文獻、中英文摘要…等)為原則,英文為5,000~8000字。
  • Please see below for an example of full paper format.
  • Full Paper Format

Full Paper

Speaker Recommendation for Innovative Teaching Methods

In order to understand new teaching methods in current academia, we would like to call for teachers to demonstrate or share innovative teaching methods. If you know any suitable speakers, kindly recommend them to us as well. Regulations are below:

  • Sharing time: 60 minutes
  • Deadline of speaker recommendation: Friday, March 26th, 2021
  • If you are interested in being a speaker or would like to recommend one, please fill out the form below.